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Here you could locate all information approximately Apple Bottom from Parabellum Genetics. Purchase Apple OG, If you’re looking for facts approximately Apple Bottom from Parabellum Genetics, take a look at out our Basic Info’s or Lineage / Genealogy for this hashish range right here at this web page and observe the hyperlinks to get even greater facts.

About Apple Kush

Apple Kush is the indica-dominant hybrid move of Sour Diesel and Pure Kush. This stress leads with effective cerebral outcomes that align nicely with human beings affected by melancholy or tension, and follows with frame outcomes which are perfect for curtailing inflammation. Purchase Apple OG,  Indulge on this Oregonian favorite later within side the day, because the stress’s creeping sedative outcomes may be as a substitute weighty.  

Apple Blossom is a hybrid marijuana stress. We’re nevertheless studying approximately the flavors and outcomes of Apple Blossom – if you’ve got smoked, dabbed, or ate up this stress earlier than, inform us approximately it through leaving a review.

Purchase Apple OG, Apple Blossom is a calmly balanced hybrid stress (50% indica/50% sativa) created thru crossing the tasty Blueberry Muffin X Dream Queen traces. Named for its notable aroma and taste, Apple Blossom is a top notch preference for any traditional hybrid lover who desires a bit greater electricity at the back of their medicine. Like its call suggests, Apple Blossom has a first rate aromatic flowery apple aroma with only a contact of bitter citrus and lemon. The taste is simply as delicious, with a candy but bitter apple overtone accented through a hint of lemon and wealthy highly spiced vegetation. The Apple Blossom excessive will hit you nearly as quickly as you exhale, launching its manner into your thoughts earlier than slowly running its manner in the course of your frame. You’ll locate your intellectual kingdom brightened with lifted strength and a hint of euphoria that immediately erases any terrible or racing thoughts. Purchase Apple OG, An enjoyable frame excessive accompanies this heady kingdom, maintaining you settled down and tethered to the earth below. Combined with its excessive 26-30% common THC level, those outcomes make Apple Blossom an appropriate preference for treating continual fatigue, urge for food loss or nausea, continual pressure, melancholy and continual pain. This bud has flat outsized oval-fashioned minty inexperienced nugs with darkish red leaves, skinny orange hairs and golden amber crystal trichomes.

Unlike a few hybrids that can combination the psycho activity of indica and sativa into one balanced, seamless enjoy, Apple Kush appears to rather have an effect on customers in one of a kind stages. The excessive begins off evolved as a brief head rush — people who smoke can also additionally sense more blood strain round their eyes and temples. Purchase Apple OG, This bodily impact is met with a surprising alertness that can reason customers can also additionally sense an increasing number of considerate or talkative. As the excessive wears on eleven though, cerebral stimulation decreases, easing customers into an excessive rest that may be felt deep within side the muscles. Breathing cans also additionally gradual down as anxiety evaporates. This soothing indica section of the excessive comes with a greater dreamy mind-set is great loved in comfortable, acquainted settings. In excessive sufficient doses, couch lock may be expected. As such, Apple Kush ought to be savored at some stage in the middle of the night or early night as opposed to morning or afternoon.


Purchase Apple OG, Apple Kush has an awesome heady fragrance of unripe apples. Adding to the sourness is a chemical aroma of diesel. Upon combustion, however, a candy floral undertone counteracts the tangy profile.


The stress can also additionally set off a few coughing at the primary puff. Purchase Apple OG, It has sharp notes of diesel paired with bitter overtones of apples. It later develops right into a candy floral taste that intensifies at the exhale.

Adverse reactions

Apple Kush carries moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids that set off a dry spell. It is particularly considerable within side the eyes and mouth despite the fact that the offshoots are in all likelihood mild. Another circumstance that customers can also additionally enjoy is greening out, a circumstance characterized through dizziness and tension due to inspired senses. Purchase Apple OG, Most of the time, however, it’s miles constrained to a headache eleven though one ought to nevertheless toke the stress in moderation.


Purchase Apple OG, Growers ought to additionally maintain Apple Kush’s particular taste thru a -degree technique referred to as curing. Curing first calls for trimmed buds to be hung upside-down for per week in 70-diploma environment with steady 50% humidity. Once sufficiently dry, the buds ought to be sealed in hermetic bins and saved in barely greater wet situations of 60-65% humidity; as secured buds ought to often be checked for mould or mildew.


One of the finest adversaries to a satisfied existence is mental distress. Purchase Apple OG, Although the latter could want expert intellectual help, Apple Kush should offer transient relief. It has an uplifting head excessive that momentarily subjugates the signs of melancholy, tension, and PTSD.


Apple Kush’s sedative outcomes are of cost to clinical hashish sufferers as nicely. This stress can ease aches and pains, whether; incidental, age-associated, or resulting from continual situations like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Purchase Apple OG, Apple Kush is likewise recognized to appease complications and belly problems. Its tendency to result in rest and sleep additionally makes it a powerful remedy for pressure and tension-associated situations and insomnia.

This fairly unusual stress does not have the call reputation of its illustrious mother and father simply but. Seeds of Apple Kush aren’t to be had for purchase, which means that potential growers want to locate present flora of the stress to take a slicing that may be grown as clones. As with many different hybrids, Apple Kush may be correctly cultivated interior or outdoors, despite the fact that outside develop setups require warm, semi-humid climates with steady sunlight hour’s temperatures within side the 70 ranges Fahrenheit range. Both the Sour Diesel and Pure Kush figure traces have a protracted flowering duration, so everyone fortunate sufficient to gain clones of Apple Kush ought to plan at the flora flowering inside nine to ten weeks whilst grown interior and in overdue October or early November whilst grown outdoors.

Flowering Time


Indoors, Apple Kush has a flowering duration of seven to nine weeks. Purchase Apple OG, It produces among 18 to 21 oz. of buds in line with rectangular meter as soon as geared up for harvest.


Apple Kush generally vegetation across the previous few days of September to the early days of October. Although, growers should enlarge the flowering duration as much as the second one or 0.33 week. Yields generally weigh round 14 to 18 oz. of buds in line with plant at chop down. Purchase Apple OG

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