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What Is “Kosher Kush” and What Makes It a Weed Strain of Biblical Proportions?: Purchase kosher Weed

With a call steeped in biblical records and historical Jewish nutritional laws, Kosher Kush might also additionally appear like strong point hashish only for devotees of Kabbalah and the Talmud. Don’t worry, though, the Kosher Kush religion is open to all who are looking for or, on this case, smoke it. Purchase kosher Weed

Like kosher meals favorites inclusive of bagels, brisket, and pickles plucked from huge barrels of brine, Kosher Kush is a deal with to be had to everyone. Also, like matza, the stress is enormously probable to make you a convert to its divine sensations.

Kosher Kush, additionally recognized as “Kosher OG,” is a famous indica marijuana stress. Kosher Kush is presently supplied in seed shape from DNA Genetics, originated in Los Angeles as a clone-most effective stress. Historically, this stress has neen named a winner of High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica in 2010 and 2011, in addition to Best Strain in 2011. Purchase kosher Weed, The results of Kosher Kush produce marvelous tiers of THC. Known as one of the maximum odiferous OG Kush-associated strains, it has a completely unique but acquainted odor harking back to wealthy earth and fruit, and is taken into consideration via way of means of many to be one of the tastiest smokes around. The excessive skilled is usual of many heavy strains, generating suggested rest and ache relief, with sleep frequently following near at the back of.

Why Is the Strain Called Kosher Kush?

Purchase kosher Weed, On the only hand, let’s say Kosher Kush got here via way of means of its moniker via way of means of being the primary business hashish stress on file to definitely be blessed via way of means of a rabbi.

However, earlier than any clergy member formally anointed the prevailing incarnation of Kosher Kush, the indica-dominant stress of unknown lineage initially advanced a following within side the Los Angeles region beneathneath the moniker “Jew Gold.” Given the inherent harshness of this kind of nickname, let’s thank the Green Goddess that the cultivators at Reserve Private (itself a sub-department of DNA Genetics) finally rebranded it as Kosher Kush.

The award-triumphing hashish stress Kosher Kush took the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012 in addition to the High Times Indica Cup of each 2011 and 2010. Purchase kosher Weed, It becomes the primary business stress to be blessed via way of means of a Rabbi, which has led a few purchasers to trust Kosher Kush brings progressed bliss and enlightenment.

Though its origins may be traced to California, its genetics continue to be a mystery. Many purchasers trust that one in all its mother and father is OG Kush. It become as soon as named Jew Gold, however because it have become famous, the call become modified to Kosher Kush to keep away from being offensive.

Purchase kosher Weed, The heady fragrance of Kosher Kush is pretty earthy, intensifying as its buds are damaged up. Its flavor is likewise pleasantly earthy with undertones of pine in its aftertaste. A properly-cultivated batch will render dense, darkish inexperienced nugs with a mild dusting of resinous trichomes.


According to Reserve Private, Kosher Kush originated shape the streets of LA. At the time a famous LA-primarily based totally stress, jokingly recognized as “Jew’s Gold”, become sweeping throughout the city. When Reserve Private got here throughout that stress, they have been blown away via way of means of its qualities – to the factor in which they contacted a number of the neighborhood breeders and received a few developing samples for themselves. Purchase kosher Weed, With those samples, Reserved Private took subjects into their personal hands, and with their advanced expertise, began out breeding it themselves – generating a few truly noteworthy specimens. It become from those specimens that Reserved Private determined to begin starting up its seeds to the market; however the call Jew’s Gold, even though a neighborhood nickname, didn’t take a seat down proper with them. Not looking to transport absolutely far from the origins, and the humor at the back of it, they determined to name it Kosher Kush – and with the electricity it packs, it could properly flip you right into a believer.


Although many clinical marijuana customers are looking for out excessive tiers of CBD, there are benefits available from the sheer unbridled pressure of THC that pulses via Kosher Kush. Purchase kosher Weed, Most significantly this effective mistress may be harnessed to deal with continual ache, pressure, tension and Depression (to a lesser extent). Anecdotal reviews have additionally visible it getting used to assist with Migraines, ADD/ADHD, Asthma (now no longer as a smoke), and Anorexia.

Mentally speaking, depression, tension, intellectual pressure and PTSD, have all been pronounced as lowering with the help of Kosher Kush, however in case you be afflicted by a temper sickness or intellectual condition, it’s miles essential to most effective eat and common to small dose of this tremendously robust marijuana.

Purchase kosher Weed, THC triggered paranoia and tension is a truth for a few, so with the intention to keep away from this uncomfortable revel in altogether, set limits and obstacles for yourself and persist with them.

Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Part of what makes Kosher Kush so delectable and suitable, is its extreme taste and aroma profile. Purchase kosher Weed, Many of these who’ve attempted it have dubbed Kosher Kush, “the tastiest smoke on Earth”. Here at WayofLeaf, we’d say we very a good deal agree, as candy and earthy notes mixture collectively with citrus and pine.

The taste is to start with pretty earthy and pungent, however fast those grounding tastes mixture into the candy, citrus and pine of a dynamic taste profile. Purchase kosher Weed,  Appearance wise, in contrast to a few Indicas, Kosher Kush grows tall in height, normally turning into better than 2 meters whilst absolutely grown, however even though the dimensions isn’t always usual of an indica, the buds themselves very a good deal are.

What Are the Effects of Kosher Kush and Will I See God?

Purchase kosher Weed, while no person can specify who (or what) you may stumble upon after firing up a bowl of Kosher Kush, we are able to proclaim forthrightly that this highly indica-heavy stress packs a godly wallop. On the low end, it’s recognized to clock in at 20 percentage THC, with a few checks and reviewers putting the THC content material at even better tiers (and the important thing phrase there is “better”).

Kosher Kush hits tough with a probably overwhelming effect of general thoughts and frame rest. As such, it’s endorsed for use at night, or at the least at a right time and in a mellow putting in which “couch-lock” is a specific and suitable viable outcome. Purchase kosher Weed

Is Kosher Kush Related to Any Other Strains? 

Indeed, Kosher Kush has adhered to the biblical path to be fruitful and multiply. Kosher Kush has long past directly to generate hybrids that encompass Family Jewels, Miss USA, and Nicole Kush. Purchase kosher Weed, Now do yourself a marijuana mitzvah and get hold of this holy herb the subsequent time you go to a dispensary.

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